To learn more about the Bahá’í Faith we recommend visiting the following official websites:

The official website of the world-wide Bahá’í community offers information about the activities of Bahá’ís around the world, historical information about its Prophet-Founder Bahá’u’lláh, and other central figures, and is the best online source for perspectives about the Bahá’í Faith.

This is the official website of the New Zealand Bahá’í Community.

The Bahá’í Reference Library is the authoritative online source of Bahá’í Writings.

The Bahá’í International Community represents the world-wide Bahá’í community whose members come from every national, ethnic, religious, cultural and socio-economic background, representing a cross-section of humanity.

The Bahá’í World News Service offers news releases and articles about the activities of the world-wide Bahá’í Community.

To purchase books about the Bahá’í Faith contact the Bahá’í Distribution Service (bds) based at the Bahá’í National Office, Auckland, New Zealand.